Bessie-isms and Quotable for Feb. 6, 2014


*You can get most people to do wicked, questionable and sometimes evil things merely for the price of a few compliments, things they’d never do for just cash!

*Men are at a sever disadvantage regarding conversation: they believe that to speak, one should have something to say, a limitation women simple refuse to recognize!


One of the oldest human needs is to have someone wonder where you are when you don’t come home at night.

Margaret Mead, anthropologist

Duct Tape for the Soul, Feb. 6, 2014

Do You Really Care?

Most people would agree that we all should be compassionate, caring humans. But understand this; blind compassion with no thought or logic will help no one. Giving money to a drug or alcohol addict only enables more self distructive behavior. You make yourself feel good, but help your fellow man move deeper into the gripe of their problem, not solve it! Look around; we spend enormous sums on treatment programs that do absolutely not one shred of good. The problems aren’t “addiction”, the problems exist at the level of the soul.

Face it, happy, well adjusted people don’t drink a litre of cheap whisky in five minutes, or stick a needle in their veins! If you aren’t aiming to fix the crippled soul, you aren’t going anywhere! But oh, how much you want to “help”. Lots of you like that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you toss a few dollars in the donation box, when you give away your worn out clothes “for those in need”. Ever scrub lice off a naked alcoholic in a treatment facility? I did that for a year, working for the Salvation Army at one of their drug and alcohol facilites. You’d not like to get that close and personal, would you? I can assure you it changed my view of God’s universe profoundly!

I will tell you I met some incredable fallen humans, whose stories would make you cry. Actually helping the down and out is a wickedly brutal undertaking, that most people have no zest for. But the sad fact is this; there aren’t enough professionals out there to make a dent in the mass of miserable and crippled humans who need someone to care, someone to love.

Maybe you’d choose to stand up, and lend a hand? Especially if you’re alone and miserable too. Stop sitting at home watching TV and go find someplace to volunteer. Helping real people is amazingly restorative. It’s good for your soul too, and it will make that chat with you-know-who at the end less wicked too! You’re needed. That should matter deeply to you. Does it?

Daily Duct Tape for Feb. 5, 2014

Know Thy Neighbor?

You have yet to embrace your fellow man. Admit it, you’re still determined to divide the human race into small groups, tiny tribes. You classify and categorize people by where they’re from, what religion they have, nationality, ethnic group, where they went to school, what sports team the support. Male, female, straight, gay, transgendered, rich, poor, smart, stupid, what work they do.  Three million years of evolution, and you still divy people up into small tribes!

The fact is that we can fly around the world in hours, can instantly communicate with almost anyone on the planet, and you’re still mostly unchanged. Oh, sure, you don’t carry a spear out in public, or wear a loin cloth, (at least some of you don’t), but you’re not much changed; you cling to your tribal ways. Us versus them.

We are in all things, a child of our history and genetics, which have indelably marked us for good or ill. We existed in small bands, wandering, hunting, trying to survive. Strangers were likely hostile competitors, to be avoided or killed. Only with the comming of agriculture, and the need for city building, did we need to “co-operate”. Still, we don’t have much love for anyone outside our immediate group.

No one trusts the “others” those unknown and strange. Now, you pretend you know all sorts of people, talking and connecting with people you’ve never met via technology that almost no one understands. Your feeling of connectedness is mostly illusion, whether you admit it or not. People who exist as symbols on a screen have no real meaning or worth.

Do you know who lives next door to you? Two doors down? A block over? They’re strangers, aren’t they? You’ve given up on any real sense of community, for an illusionary one, that is more fantasy than real. You’re still living in a small hut. Being a tribesman. You just aren’t being honest about it, are you? Maybe we all need to reconsider some things?

Bessie-isms and Quotables for Feb 5, 2014


*Time is not your friend! When you have an abundance of it, it moves imperceptably, torturing and boring you. When you are short of it, it zooms along at light speed, mocking you for all the times you wasted it!

*Have you ever noticed, the more urgently you need to pee, the further away the restroom seems to be? Happiness seems to often behave this way too; the more urgently you need it, the harder it is to find!


We don’t stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing!

George Bernard Shaw


Bessie-isms and Quotables for Feb. 4, 2014


*Everyone has flaws and problems. You spend amazing amounts of time and effort to hide them. Why not use some of that effort to fix some of them?

*If you lose one dream, you must quickly find another! Your body will go on a time dreamless, but your heart and soul will suffer and wither from this lack.


Overnight success takes a long time!

Steve Jobs, founder of Apple

Daily Duct Tape for the Soul Feb. 4, 2014

The Empty Ones

You’ve seen them, the whinny children, clamoring for attention, desperate to be noticed and recognized. They are terrified that their parents will ignore them, that their teacher will fail to take note of their desperate and earnest need to be seen.

These children have hungry, desperate souls, incarnated with a monumental need to be loved, to be filled with attention, kindness and approval. They’re much like an emotional black hole, which sucks in every crumb of emotion and love from their vacinity. They will drain the very love and essence from any close at hand, needing to be filled up.

The sad fact is this: no one can fill up one of these empty ones. What is needed is for them to be taught how to fill themselves up! Lacking this knowledge, they are doomed to become hungry, desperate adults, endlessly seeking the love they have no way to find. You’ve likely met someone like this, haven’t you? Or worse, married one?

Insecure and needy, they cling tightly to you, never able to get enough approval, enough love or praise. You can help them, but you’ll need a deep understanding and the will of God to not let them suck you dry, or drag you into their miserable world of emptiness.  Without understanding the way the soul works, the nature and will of the Divine, you are doomed to fail.

If you have what it takes, if you understand God’s realm deeply enough, you can succeed, and you’ll feel stunningly good about your accomphishment. You’ll deserve to. You’ll also have some scars and scortch marks as momentos of your journey!

Daily Duct Tape Feb. 3, 2014

Time for Dreams

Some of you lay around, endlessly watching TV. Others of you have your lives so crammed full of stuff to do that you use up every minute of every day. Shame on both groups…you are both passing up the quiet moments, depriving yourselves of time to just sit and think, time to dream and remember. How do you expect to learn and grow, to understand your heart and soul if every waking moment is consumed by an endless stream of distractions?

When was the last time you sat and listened to the birds sing? Watched the clouds gracefully float along? Felt the warm sunlight? How do you expect to connect with your heart, your soul? That’s right, you won’t. Is this the life you want? How do you intend to explain to God why you neglected this? Go on, I’m dying to hear what you intend to say to him! Oh, I know, you’ll stand there speechless and pee down your leg. If the thought of that embarrasses you, you have some work to do…don’t you?

Oh sure, I understand how hard that seems. Your’re reading the words of someone who’s put in a hundred hours a week for six years, to work a full time job and write eleven books, and 3 million words of other stuff! I get busy, and what that entails. But understand this; my work is driven by dreams! It takes staring out the window, lots of daydreaming, to see the possibilities. How often do you do that?

Look, we need time for dreaming, time for just watching the big fluffy clouds drifting by. Did your parents tell you never to do that, especially when you grew up? Some of you need to stop listening to that nonsense, and re-learn how to dream. You aren’t going anywhere without having something better to devote your heart and soul to, you can be sure of that! If you aren’t working to make that special dream real, you’re just marching in place. All you’ll get is disappointment and sore feet!

Hello to old and new friends alike!

Well, after months of hair pulling, (which is a lot harder than it should be due to having much less of it than I once did),  aggravation and effort, I finally have the website up and running, which I visualized four years ago! Thanks to the people at for your effort!

Now I’ve got to figure out how to run WordPress, to do all the bloging and posting of features that I’ve promised. This may take a bit, so be patient! (You should be reading one of my books anyway, to keep you occupied!). Don’t hesitate to e-mail me either:

Anyway, lots to do, so I’ll just give you a quick Bessie-ism to mull over:

*Behold! The new dawn brings forth the possibility that today something new might appear, different from the tiredness of yesterday’s experience.*