Bessie-isms and Quotable for Mar 31, 2014


*In the good old days people worked. Then they had jobs. Now people have careers. The name for toil keeps changing, but it still feels like servitude, doesn’t it?

*Mothers are always considered saints, unless they drown an unruly child in frustration. Then it depends on how terrible the child was, whether the term saint still applies.


Most people would rather die than think; in fact, they do so.

Bertrand Russell

Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 31, 2014

You Don’t Have To Do It The Hard Way!

God’s instruction is frequently quite painful and unpleasant. This isn’t because He wants it to be so wicked; it’s a consequence of you not paying attention to your life like you should. You make crappy choices, and Boom! You get the crappy consequences, thereby guaranteeing you learn the hardest way possible. When you refuse to learn at all, the choices become even more limited and the potential consequences more dire. That’s your fault, not His.

God’s system for the edification of souls is marvelously simple and straightforward: You have free will. Life brings you a continuous stream of choices to make. All of them have options, with some more wise than others. You get to make those choices. Then you get the consequences of them. The bad choices beat your butt on the spot. Some are more subtle, and take longer to show up. When you get your fingers slammed in lifes door, you can learn from it, or keep slamming the door on your fingers. Most of you like to cry and complain to God about how “unfair” life is, instead of learning anything.

Now even a total dunce would likely admit that driving drunk is risky and unwise. Ditto for mugging or raping someone. Do evil, get hammered, is pretty straight forward. But in God’s universe, there a more easily overlooked category of wickedness that gets you fried. I call it the Lazy Person’s Evil and it consists of what you don’t bother to do, that you should. Passing up a chance to say I love you to someone who needs to hear it, not wanting to miss your crappy TV show to listen to a hurting friend, these are counted as evil acts, as much as robbing a store would be.  Oops.

Its easy to not pay any attention to the choices you make, to be a dunce and just take the easy path in life. Do you really want to do this an extra million lifetimes? God has all the time in existance, and an infinite amout of patience. He’ll make you repeat the lessons a billion times, if you want to be a stubborn ass. Do you? Or would you like to have a better, nicer life? If you don’t like being lonely, broke, in prison, treated like crap by everyone, you need to be making better choices. Compalining to God over your lousy decisions isn’t ever going to work. God insist that you learn. You get to choose whether those lessons will be easy or hard. Perhaps you should think about this more deeply?


Bessie-isms and Quotable for Mar 29 & 30, 2014


*You might expect that the Devil would buy your soul. You would be offended if you understood how little he would offer you, and even more disturbed at how little you would probably accept.

*The genius is the person who keeps working when all of the smart people have given up and gone home to dinner.


There are a thousand hacking at the branches of evil, for every one striking at its root.

Henry David Thoreau


Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 29 & 30, 2014

You’ve Heard The Term, Young Soul?

I’d bet you know at least one person who’s a complete train wreck, don’t you? They act clueless, behave like they don’t possess a lick of sense. They’re always in trouble, always in need of rescue, aid, bail or a new partner! If they’re your child, you pull your hair out. A friend like this gets really tiresome, and God forbid if this describes your spouse!

You need, first off, an understanding of what you’re confronted with. This person has a young soul, one that has only made a few cycles on the wheel of life. They lack experience, and like most ypoung beings, they’re apt to be seduced by the pleasures of the five senses. If their behavior offends you, then likely you’ve moved on further along the path, and aren’t so easily corrupted by improper fun or wickedness. Congratulations! Now sit down and listen.

Every soul has to make the long journey to being like God; its why you have a soul in the first place. Your soul is a fragment of Him. Your task, which you’ll spend millions of lifetimes working on, is to evolve and grow that small fragment of soul into something more godly. You, like everyone else, has a long way to go. Looking down on the younger souls isn’t helping you!

It’s a thankless task, but your job is to set a decent example, and to not give in to their foolishness. You aren’t a saint or all that far past whizzing in your diaper, on the God scale either, so don’t get snotty. Do what you can to teach and assist. If you act mature and helpful, your butt isn’t getting beat off by God like theirs will be either, so relax! Of course, if the young soul in question is your child, that can be wicked. If you married the young soul, you proved you aren’t very far ahead of them either.  Try to remember that too.


Bessie-isms and Quotable for Mar. 28, 2014


*Far too many people make their first love their last; not because it lasts a life time, but because they abandon all hope after one beginning failure!

* If you have no interest in minding your tongue, in thinking before you speak, you will by necessity master the art of appologizing, or learn to love solitude.


Are you not ashamed of heaping up the greatest amount of money and honour and reputation, and caring so little about wisdom, truth and the greatest improvement of the soul?

Socrates, (470 – 399)

Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 28, 2014

You Ladies Don’t Understand Men Very Well

I’ve come across many women who seem entirely too bitter and angry at men. They accuse them of being wickedly coniving, intent on subjagating and oppressing the fairer sex. They feel manipulated and used. The simple truth is this; men don’t think deeply enough about you to figure out how to do anything that direct!

Now don’t have a fit; I’m not claiming that men aren’t wicked, or that they won’t lie to you! They will. They do. But it isn’t for any reason more complicated than to get in your panties! Men, assuming they find you desirable, (or at least willing), will go to all sorts of bother to be able to have sex with you. You’re sitting on something they want and desire. The rest of you is just along for the ride. Sorry.

Of course, men are inately programed to want to keep any woman they like, and who’s willing to have sex with them. The more willing you are, the more any given man will put up with your tendencies which he doesn’t like. You can bitch and complain endlessly about things especially while naked; he isn’t listening anyway. As long as you’re co-operative, and act eager and slutty, he’ll ignore the dent in the car, and pretty much anything else.

Look, your male companion hasn’t evolved all that much from the dark ages, when he was beating you with a club. He’d like you to be properly willing, and if you are, you can even get the average man to dress up and wear a tie on occasion. The sad fact isn’t that men are oppressing you, it’s that you don’t have the smarts to use your naughtiness to improve his appearance and manners! The typical man will do stupid crazy things just to get laid. Why aren’t you taking advantage of that vulnerability?

Our biologic programing is still working on us. Men are programed to care for and protect women, as much as women are programed to respond to male strength and power. The fact that lots of people seem to be on the downhill slide, and look pretty pathetic, doesn’t stop you from having those old urges. Instead of fighting that, why not learn to use them? If you ladies would think a bit more about what you’re doing, you could be running the planet. The men certainly aren’t smart enough to stop you, not as long as you’re willing to use your furry friend against us!


Bessie-isms and Quotable for Mar. 27, 2014


*You have little justification for boasting. When you do well, someone will declare it. If no one is singing your praises, you’d be wise to sit down and be quiet too.

*The terrible storm that falls on the unprepared as a calamity, is but a refreshing wind, to one who has more properly prepared.


Nothing makes you more tolerant of a  neighbor’s noisy party, than being there!

Franklin P. Jones

Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 27, 2014

Does Your Partner Know The Real You?

Do you ever talk about the deep things of life? Have you told your partner what you suspect about God, the universe, history, them? Have you ever shared all of your history; the things, that you feel guilty about, or that left the big scars? Or maybe you’re afraid they’d run screaming out the door? Most of us have some dirt under our personal rug; have you let them actually see any of it?

You aren’t alone, in your reluctance; many people, if not most, hide their deepest selves. You display a cheesy image, a sketch that looks better than what you think the real you would look like. Your past can be pretty embarrassing, that’s for sure. Try explaining that college night with the thirteen year old, the transvestite and the goat to your partner! Or maybe you got too personal with your friend’s father, when you were back in school.

Of course, if you’ve got some wicked dirt you’re concealing, and the statute of limitations hasn’t passed, you’d have a bit of a reson to be nervous. But most people won’t come clean even when they aren’t faced with jail. But the truth is out there, lurking, always a danger to you, just waiting to pop up when you’re least expecting it. Worse, your lack of forthrightness keeps you from being deeply known. You can’t display what you learned, or how much you grew from it as long as you hide yourself.

Being open about who you really are, and where you’ve traveled on the road of life is important. Living as a pale shadow of your real self is a form of lying, a dishonesty that erodes your soul. You can’t hide a thing from God, and no one else gets to judge your butt! If the people around you can’t love and respect the real you, well, you’re wasting your life on them! Illusion isn’t going to get you loved, if honesty won’t! Try to think about that more!


Duct Tape for the Soul for Mar. 26, 2014

Victimhood Isn’t Working All That Well

Some people seem to constantly be dragging their cross noisily through life. They moan and complain, whine and cry over one thing or another. You likely know at least one person who does this, might be guilty of it yourself at times! Mostly this is done in the hope of gaining sympathy or special favor. Much like a small child whines, wanting to be picked up and cuddled, or to avoid doing something other than play, adults display an amazingly similar tendency all too often.

The sad fact is this; most of what anyone has to cry about is the result of their own foolish doing. You make horrid choices, you get your butt kicked. That’s how God’s universe works, and all the complaining and crying on earth won’t change it a bit! You hate it when people you know do this, especially if they’re someone close that you love. You’re much more inclinded to overlook it when it’s you doing it!

The bad news is that you aren’t getting much sympathy from those around you, once you try this a few times. Even worse, God isn’t going to reward you for it either! Perhaps you’d be wise to remember that old addage, God helps those who help themselves? Sitting and playing the victim, when you aren’t, is a wicked act, dishonest and sinful. Only if you are a true victim of life do you deserve any sympathy, and refusing to pick yourself up, to move on from it is not doing your soul any good either!

Please understand this; there are people around you who will love and comfort you, when you need that. They’ll be a lot more eager to if you don’t wear them out with the faux misery. Put your effort into making better choices, and you’ll have less reason to be in need of sympathy to begin with! If your friends or loved ones are engaging in this, be gentle, but boot them firmly in the rear for it! If you are a legitimate victim, and no one around you cares, then you’ve made some bad choices in friends and companions! Fix that immediately! Stop wasting time having a fit, and stop dragging that cross around. You’ll only hurt your back in addition to your soul!