Bessie-isms and Quotable for January 6, 2016


*If you are really good at your job, you’ll likely never be paid as much as you deserve. But honestly, most people are paid far beyond what their effort truly deserves!

*Your teens will lie to you to avoid being punished. This will offend you, but understand, you do the same thing constantly, to avoid trouble and conflict, especially at your job. Your moral high ground wouldn’t make a decent speed bump.


Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored.

Aldous Huxley

Bessie-isms and Quotable for January 5, 2016


*You should be as amazed as you are thankful when you manage to do what’s right and moral, especially considering that the alternative is usually looks a lot more fun and desirable.

*Guard your name, and do nothing to besmirch it. If your name begins to make people think of the devil, you’re not doing what you should!


We learn from experience. A man never wakes up his second baby just to see it smile.

Grace Williams

Bessie-isms and Quotable for January 4, 2016


*Don’t waste time thinking you deserve your company’s top job. If you were really all that smart and worthy, you’d be running your own company!

*You will seldom be condemned for silence, unless you’re a spy or criminal.


An archeologist is the best husband any woman can have; the older she gets, the more interested he is in her.

Agatha Christie

Bessie-isms and Quotable for January 1, 2016


*Since we do so poorly at keeping our yearly resolutions, perhaps we should resolve to not make any and just be done with the whole embarrassing ordeal?

*Any New Year’s resolution that needs the commitment of others to succeed is doomed. Like resolving to have a better sex life!


I would rather be the man who bought the Brooklyn bridge than the man who sold it.

Will Rogers