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Sorry for the long absence.

Had the 2nd knee replaced in February  and just now getting back to normal.

On Chapter 56 of the final Elvin Princess book (#3, Prince)  at 108,000+ words and have 20+ chapters to go.

Besides all the other book plots, I’ve now got a Dystopian Artificial Intelligence gone evil story I’m thinking about. Have a wickedly dubious cast, and some wicked details in mind. Problem is, I’m dying to do a three book Steampunk/alternate reality set of 3 books., not to mention the next 6 Wizard’s Daughter teen adventure fantasy books.

I don’t lack for ideas or plots.


Bessie-isms and Quotable for October 13, 2017


*Well, nothing like four days in the hospital to remind you of your mortality! I’d also suggest that dying before 40 probably isn’t all that bad either, just for what suffering you’d get to avoid.

*Autumn, like spring, is an odd sort of season, where you can go from heat to air-conditioning three times a day, and still not keep up.


It is easy to flatter; it is hard to praise.

Jean Paul Richter

Photo Post for October 9, 2017

Ladies, don’t be so disingenuous. Don’t criticize us poor men for admiring the charms you so blatantly expose to public view. We like seeing what you expose too much to pretend to disinterest, and if you were honest, you’d confess that should we do so, you’d be hurt and feel slighted. Each to his proper place: you display, we will admire.

Bessie-isms and Quotable for October 6, 2017


*There is little you can do to improve the mood of another who wishes to be miserable, and even less that can be done to make someone love you who is disinclined.

*One of the tragedies of adulthood is discovering that the toys you threw away are now valuable as collectables.


Enemies publish themselves. They declare war. The friend never declares his love.

Henry David Thoreau