Bessie-isms and Quotable for May 2 & 3, 2015


*If you venture forth to accomplish anything at all, you’ll be criticized as a fool or worse. Ignore all the detractors, and accept this abuse as the price of doing what God intends for you to do. The nay-sayers and whiners can’t zap your butt like God can, for the next hundred lives, so worry about His approval and ignore the fools.

*A critic will never show you their list of magnificent works, whereby you would be awed by their qualification to bitch about other people’s work. Most are in fact failures. Remember the old adage “Them that can, do.” Apparently some of those who can’t elect for a career as a critic of those who are not failures like them.


We wander through this life together in semi-darkness in which none of us can distinguish exactly the features of his neighbor. Only from time to time, through some experience that we have with our companion, or through some remark that he passes, he stands for a brief moment close to us, as though illuminated by a flash of lightening. Then we see him as he really is.

Albert Schweitzer

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