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Dear God It’s been 3 years?

Time flies. In case you wonder, I’ve been busy. The wife has been in failing health and that, plus renovating the house has made staying up to date impossible. The good news is that during this time, I wrote the second Wizard’s Daughter book, Dragon’s Bane, and did the 3rd and last volume of the Elvin Princess Fantasy set. Now if I can get them final proofed and live.

Currently writing a dystopian novel and am 655 pages in. I see signs that I’m at the final run to the conclusion. 210,000 words so far. I’ve also managed to write half of a coming of age/romance called Shadow of Regret. I said I was busy.

Anyway, I’ll try not to neglect this site so much.


Sorry for the long absence.

Had the 2nd knee replaced in February  and just now getting back to normal.

On Chapter 56 of the final Elvin Princess book (#3, Prince)  at 108,000+ words and have 20+ chapters to go.

Besides all the other book plots, I’ve now got a Dystopian Artificial Intelligence gone evil story I’m thinking about. Have a wickedly dubious cast, and some wicked details in mind. Problem is, I’m dying to do a three book Steampunk/alternate reality set of 3 books., not to mention the next 6 Wizard’s Daughter teen adventure fantasy books.

I don’t lack for ideas or plots.



This website and my email were down two days thanks to some vague internet BS wanting to verify my site’s ownership. Took two whole days to get it fixed and running again. Don’t tell me we need more regulation or government!!