Duct Tape for the Soul for August 7, 2014

Not Much Dreaming Going On

You really do need to dream. Since you need to, you might as well dream big as to dream a small, pathetic one. Big or small, both require work to bring them out of the realm of the possible into the real world. Be prepared for the hard work, the necessary labor, and set to with determination and perserverance.

The person who goes about accomplishing their dream, with dedication and vigor, will likely attract others, who may be eager to help. Certainly, you will attract those who are merely curious, but will neither wish to help, nor be inspired to dream on their own. Our world seems filled with these people.

Even worse, be prepared for the critics, those empty and bitter souls, who, too lazy to bother in their own or anyone else’s effort, feel justified in belittling your efforts. Most will frankly advise you as to the hopelessness of your undertaking, and seek to entice you into giving up! Laugh at these fools, and go about your effort. When you succeed in your dream, they will all line up, to be rewarded for all the “help and advice” they gave you. Just shut the door quietly on them when they do. Shooting them is frowned on in polite society.


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