Duct Tape for the soul for July 9, 2014

Are You All Grown Up?

You’re proud to be an adult, aren’t you? No more pretending to be mature; you’ve arrived!Congratulations…maybe. Are you sure you’re what you think, or have you just gotten amazingly good at pretending to be what you aren’t quite yet? What are you deep inside? A solid wise and mature human, or a faker, someone going through the motions? Perhaps you’re only pretending to be a responsible business person, a responsible parent, a responsible friend.

Lots of people are. Faking it, that is. Going through the motions, pretending to be what they imagine an adult would be like.  You hope and pray that no one looks too close, pulls aside the curtain, to see you sitting in the corner, terrified and about to pee yourself. Maybe you didn’t actually grow up at all, but instead just slithered away from childhood, hoping you wouldn’t get caught! That’s not likely to bear much fruit, and you probably know that too!

Look, no one wants to grow up completely. Being a kid is just more fun. Adults have dull and boring lives much of the time. Oh, sure, you thought the sex would make it worth the bother, but does it? Hard to have great sex with another person who’s an adult, when you’re faking it! Worse, the odds are your partner is pretending too! Understand, I’m not trying to break your kneecaps here. It’s just that if others can see your falseness, (and they likely do), God can see it too. Opps. You aren’t accomplishing anything good pretending. How do you fix this? First admit you need to, then you can move on to step two.


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