Daily Duct Tape Feb. 3, 2014

Time for Dreams

Some of you lay around, endlessly watching TV. Others of you have your lives so crammed full of stuff to do that you use up every minute of every day. Shame on both groups…you are both passing up the quiet moments, depriving yourselves of time to just sit and think, time to dream and remember. How do you expect to learn and grow, to understand your heart and soul if every waking moment is consumed by an endless stream of distractions?

When was the last time you sat and listened to the birds sing? Watched the clouds gracefully float along? Felt the warm sunlight? How do you expect to connect with your heart, your soul? That’s right, you won’t. Is this the life you want? How do you intend to explain to God why you neglected this? Go on, I’m dying to hear what you intend to say to him! Oh, I know, you’ll stand there speechless and pee down your leg. If the thought of that embarrasses you, you have some work to do…don’t you?

Oh sure, I understand how hard that seems. Your’re reading the words of someone who’s put in a hundred hours a week for six years, to work a full time job and write eleven books, and 3 million words of other stuff! I get busy, and what that entails. But understand this; my work is driven by dreams! It takes staring out the window, lots of daydreaming, to see the possibilities. How often do you do that?

Look, we need time for dreaming, time for just watching the big fluffy clouds drifting by. Did your parents tell you never to do that, especially when you grew up? Some of you need to stop listening to that nonsense, and re-learn how to dream. You aren’t going anywhere without having something better to devote your heart and soul to, you can be sure of that! If you aren’t working to make that special dream real, you’re just marching in place. All you’ll get is disappointment and sore feet!

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