Daily Duct Tape for the Soul Feb. 4, 2014

The Empty Ones

You’ve seen them, the whinny children, clamoring for attention, desperate to be noticed and recognized. They are terrified that their parents will ignore them, that their teacher will fail to take note of their desperate and earnest need to be seen.

These children have hungry, desperate souls, incarnated with a monumental need to be loved, to be filled with attention, kindness and approval. They’re much like an emotional black hole, which sucks in every crumb of emotion and love from their vacinity. They will drain the very love and essence from any close at hand, needing to be filled up.

The sad fact is this: no one can fill up one of these empty ones. What is needed is for them to be taught how to fill themselves up! Lacking this knowledge, they are doomed to become hungry, desperate adults, endlessly seeking the love they have no way to find. You’ve likely met someone like this, haven’t you? Or worse, married one?

Insecure and needy, they cling tightly to you, never able to get enough approval, enough love or praise. You can help them, but you’ll need a deep understanding and the will of God to not let them suck you dry, or drag you into their miserable world of emptiness.  Without understanding the way the soul works, the nature and will of the Divine, you are doomed to fail.

If you have what it takes, if you understand God’s realm deeply enough, you can succeed, and you’ll feel stunningly good about your accomphishment. You’ll deserve to. You’ll also have some scars and scortch marks as momentos of your journey!

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