Duct Tap for the Soul for July 26, 2014

How Did This Happen?!

I always enjoy walking around in public, where I can observe the odd and perplexing people that make up the human race. You’ve noted this too; lots of funny looking, funny acting folks out there! I have the worst urge to just ask some of them questions, but since I have a high deductable on my healt insurance, that’s not wise. Still, it’s there. How did these people end up like they are?

Now no one’s born a three or four hundred pound blob of misery any more than they’re born an illiterate idiot. I’d assume these people have to work at getting themselves into such a deplorable condition. Same with rudeness, foul language and a complete misreading of the social mores. You can only blame family and upbringing for so much!

Did these people actually choose to be such obnoxious divots? How? All at once or in tiny little steps.  I’ve met some real losers in my time, but I don’t think any of them just woke up one day, with a new found determination to hit the road to hell, and at light speed to boot! If someone did this to them as children, that person needs to be beaten soundly!

I know, most would argue that it doesn’t matter how people end up like this; the question is, can anything be done to improve them? I don’t think you can separate the two. I’d bet money that an understanding of what went wrong would be germaine for fixing the current mess. At least it might engender some sympathy, or a good laugh, if all else fails. That sounds mean, doesn’t it? Sorry.


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