Duct Tape for the Soul, Feb. 6, 2014

Do You Really Care?

Most people would agree that we all should be compassionate, caring humans. But understand this; blind compassion with no thought or logic will help no one. Giving money to a drug or alcohol addict only enables more self distructive behavior. You make yourself feel good, but help your fellow man move deeper into the gripe of their problem, not solve it! Look around; we spend enormous sums on treatment programs that do absolutely not one shred of good. The problems aren’t “addiction”, the problems exist at the level of the soul.

Face it, happy, well adjusted people don’t drink a litre of cheap whisky in five minutes, or stick a needle in their veins! If you aren’t aiming to fix the crippled soul, you aren’t going anywhere! But oh, how much you want to “help”. Lots of you like that warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you toss a few dollars in the donation box, when you give away your worn out clothes “for those in need”. Ever scrub lice off a naked alcoholic in a treatment facility? I did that for a year, working for the Salvation Army at one of their drug and alcohol facilites. You’d not like to get that close and personal, would you? I can assure you it changed my view of God’s universe profoundly!

I will tell you I met some incredable fallen humans, whose stories would make you cry. Actually helping the down and out is a wickedly brutal undertaking, that most people have no zest for. But the sad fact is this; there aren’t enough professionals out there to make a dent in the mass of miserable and crippled humans who need someone to care, someone to love.

Maybe you’d choose to stand up, and lend a hand? Especially if you’re alone and miserable too. Stop sitting at home watching TV and go find someplace to volunteer. Helping real people is amazingly restorative. It’s good for your soul too, and it will make that chat with you-know-who at the end less wicked too! You’re needed. That should matter deeply to you. Does it?

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