Duct Tape for the Soul, Feb. 7, 2014

Too Much Work?

Work, work, work. Many of you look like beavers, scurrying around endlessly going from task to task. You never just sit, almost don’t sleep. Even when you do try to rest, all you do is worry about all that isn’t getting done. Sometimes you feel sick, want to scream, don’t you? That’s your soul wanting to kick your butt for being a fool, for neglecting all the things of worth in life! Maybe you should listen to your soul, before you fall over and have to listen to God tell you what you’re doing wrong?

Look, I know life is a screwed up mess. Crappy government, crappy jobs, single people trying to raise families alone. Nothing is the seeming idellic way it was once. But the sad thing is this: your’re making your life worse than it has to be. How you wonder indignantly? By making crappy choices! You knew I’d say that, didn’t you?

Don’t get mad, I’m not trying to be mean! I get that lots of you ladies married a troll, and  are stuck now scrapping by. The economic punishment for making a bad choice is brutal, but how much worse are you making it, by trying to avoid fixing the real problem? Not enough skill, not enough education? You listen to everyone around you, or worse, you listen to your own doubts and fears, and you convince yourself you can’t make progress, can’t do better.  That’s a lie. What you need is some faith, not in God, although that’s not bad either! But what you need more than anything is faith in yourself!

But how many of you are also dragging yourselves down, trying to do too much? You let your kids jump into a dozen activities, and you run every second of the day! And you let people eat up your time too. Not in meaningful activities, that actually help someone. Makework and BS that claims your time for little gain. Who are you kidding, serving on a dozen committies that do nothing but argue and act like pompus gasbags?

Understand this, if you learn nothing else from my writing: You have a soul. You aren’t here for anything more urgent than to improve it! God doesn’t give a crap how much money you accumulate, how fancy of a car you drive, how much you’re admired for being cute and politically connected. Are you growing your soul? Have you done anything for another human that is worthy? Have you figured out how to love someone? If you can’t say yes to those, you need a new life plan, and you need it quickly!

Can you even remember the last time you watched the clouds, or really saw the stars? Played like a child, or just sat and dreamed? Those aren’t a waste of time; they’re the most precious aspects of living! Don’t even try to tell me you like being a slave! And don’t tell me you like being an overworked beaver, always busy. Make some changes! It’s time to stop being an angry, worn out beaver!

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