Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 10, 2014

As Your Toilet Goes, So Goes Your Life!

I bet you’d hate to be judged as a human being solely on the state of your toilet’s cleanliness, wouldn’t you? However, I’d bet money its a more reliable predictor of how good or bad you’ll turn out that any other thing! Are you the sort of person who uses the potty, sees the black crud or the yellow tinge, and grabs the brush to attack the nasty thing on the spot? Your toilet, your friend’s, family’s, even the one at work? You leave it better than when you arrived?

Or are you the phantom user, who’ll add to the nastiness, and then tip toe away, pretending you never even used it, and certainly never noticed it needed a good cleaning! You’re hoping your spouse, your room mate, mom or a co-worker will get disgusted enough to address the poor thing, aren’t you? Guess what? Everyone else is hoping you’ll do the deed too. You’re all a bunch of slackers. Sorry, but it’s true.

Now if you can’t muster the personal initive to do something simple like scrubbing the crapper, why should any responsible human expect something more difficult or advanced from you? Life is filled with messes and nasty chores. You don’t get to just deal with your own poop either; life requires communal poop tending and work! You’re insistance on shirking the task under the dishonest guise, that’s not my poop messing it up! is really pretty lame. Everyone poops, everyone makes messes. Others ened up cleaning up your stuff, it’s only morally fair for you to address an occasional stranger’s poo!

The people who succeed in life don’t waste time on excuses, don’t look to pass off the nasty chores to others; they grab the brush and scrub! Are you one of them, or one of the lazy ones, who poop and run, hoping someone else will clean up your mess for you. I’d bet good money your life is full of messes and failure, isn’t it? Most comes from laziness and a willingness to shrik responsibility. You want a better life? Start scrubbing the toilet, both for real and figuatively. If nothing else, you’ll have a nice clean potty to perch on, and that’s better than what you’ve got now, isn’t it? People won’t think you’re such a lazy jerk either, another step up for a lot of your fellow souls.


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