Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 11, 2014

Are You A Worthy Neighbor Or A Crappy One?

You get to chose your friends and your spouse, but there’s not much choice in what you get for neighbors. Either you move into a place, with them entrenched, or they arrive after you, willy-nilly and beyond your control. If you get a bunch of good neighbors, or even one, consider yourself lucky; there’s a lot of dubious or down right lousy people out there.

Naturally, you should use any occasion to encourage them to do some soul searching, and to work towards being a better human. Better humans make better neighbors, all in all. I’ve had a couple that were fantastic, who simple have to be on God’s A list. I’ve had some that were worse than slime mold. Actually, I’d have traded them for lots of nasty slime mold. They did make me appreciate the good ones even more, so I suppose that’s a slight bit of good.

Unless you’re inclined towards burning their house down to get rid of them, there’s not a lot that you can do with the wicked ones, short of shooting them. All the good options seem to be illegal, which I find to be a tragic oversight. Still, if you can help one of the crappy ones grow any at all, that has to be good for your soul too. It will certainly give you a better appreciation for what God has to put up with, being unwilling to simply fry most of us.

The most improtant question you should ask yourself regarding neighbors is this; what sort of neighbor are you to all the others? Would you get a gold star, or do you cause your neighbors to toy with arson, regarding you? Honestly, that’s all you can improve; yourself. We all need to be better people, and better neighbors too. Of course, that requires work, and being mostly lazy, we seldom volunteer for that. If you’d like to avoid getting fried when you die, you’d be wise to exert some more effort, especially regarding others. If you act like a saint, and no one responds, they get hosed, not you. You’ll enjoy that more than is godly or wise, but it will be fun. Lots and lots of fun. As long as it isn’t you getting fried.


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