Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 12 & 13, 2014

Your Problems Seem Bigger When You’re Tired

Everybody has problems. Bills, cheating spouse or significant other, oppressive boss. Unemployment, leaky plumbing, crabby kids, delinquent taxes, crazy exes; we’re plagued by an endless stream of annoying things. Some of you likely have a lot more of these than others, having made lots of really unwise and crappy decisions over time.

Most of your problems hopefully aren’t as bad as they could be; most people aren’t on the run from the law for killing anyone, thankfully. Still, lots and lots of small problems can be just as about as bad, draining the life out of you. Staying obsessed with all of this isn’t helping you all that much either. Focusing on nothing but your misery and troubles will sap your soul, but do nothing positive to fix your situation.

Perhaps you should take a break, and give yourself some respite from the incessant annoyance? If you’re broke, you obviously can’t go on a foreign junket to find a peaceful island to lounge and recover on! But there’s no charge for going to a nice park, to stroll and relax. If you’ve got kids, play with them. Just turn the phone off, so the bill collectors can’t intrude! (I’d personally recommend you toss it in the crapper, as it’s likely contributing to all your problems!).

Oh sure, people will think you’re being irresponsible if you enjoy yourself for a bit. We have an enormous streak of bitchy Puritans in this country, who think everyone should be punished and made to suffer. They’d secretly be pleased if you went and hung yourself! Ignore them. You’ll never fix your problems if you can’t think rationally, and you don’t do that when you’re stressed and miserable.  Your soul needs a break from the ceasless din and harassment. Even if your problems are all self inflicted, you need some quiet time to think and evaluate what you did wrong. Assuming you want to fix that mess you call life, and not just wallow in it, hoping for sympathy? That won’t solve much!


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