Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 14, 2014

To Succeed In Life, You Have To Stay Alive!

 You think I’m an idiot to even mention that, don’t you? It seems so obvious and straightforward, yet how many people die each day, and not from natural causes? Aluminum ladder into power lines, falling off ladders or roofs, running into a tree while texting; the undertaker is blessed by all this foolish inattention, this carelessness about living. It’s bad enough that you can fall prey to things like storms and tornados, that seem random and unpredictable, but way too many seem determined to help the Grim Reaper out!

Life doesn’t come with an instruction manual, unfortunately. Even if it did, most of you wouldn’t bother to read it. You don’t even read the instructions for setting the clock on your gadgets! Apparently fiddling the hard way appeals to people for some unknown reason. To make matters worse, lots of people like thrills and excitement, so they take up skydiving, racing, rock climbing, or other risky sports. That nearness to fatal danger seems thrilling, until you slip, and are on the way to mother earth, under the influence of gravity!

Naturally, if you understand that life isn’t a one and done event, that in fact, you live over and over again, to evolve your soul, you’d be inclined to shrug, and say, “So what’s the big deal? I’ll just do another one!” How well did that excuse work when you snuck out of school to go play? Bad news, God is pretty much the Nun with the ruler, and He’s not amused when you’re stupid, and sneak out on your life’s lessons! Anytime you need to repeat a lesson, it always is cast in a worse set of circumstances. Always.

You’d honestly be wise to be more respectful of your life, and the opportunity you’ve been accorded. Wisdom is displayed by avoiding risk, and doing for others. Being involved with other humans is hard enough, and if you put some effort into it, it can be a lot more rewarding. You’re self assurance that nothing will go wrong with your risk taking is likely the same as your other lies; foolish and not based in reality. Life is inherently dangerous and so is loving someone else. But the rewards can be a whole lot bigger. Why not try that a while? You won’t have all that critical stuff to listen to when you do die either!




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