Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 15, 2014

You Men Aren’t Half As Smart As You Think You Are

Lots of men like to imagine that they’re smarter than their woman. Women find this pathetically amusing, if they aren’t inclined to have a fit, and argue long enough to get the man to give her something nice. Think I’m crazy? Pay attention, Mr. Macho, you might learn something. I’d bet money you hate doing household chores, don’t you? You think that’s “woman’s work” or some such nonsense.

I’ve had a lot of male friends who insisted that no woman was going to make them clean the toilet, for instance. They felt pretty manly, and were completely oblivious to the fact that their companion was cleaning it with the guy’s toothbrush! Serves you right for being such a dunce! Perhaps you’d be wise to clean it yourself. Maybe you’d get laid more often, and she might even buy you a new toothbrush, as a gesture of her pleasure!

Look, men, your stubborn foolishness is costing you a fortune in auto parts and tools. The little woman may not be able to beat your dumb butt when you hurt her feelings, by being a neandrathal, but she can easily toss a three hundred dollar tool or part in the garbage can, for you to carry out in a show of manly splendor and ignorance! Maybe you aren’t so smart after all?

Tell me how you’d feel if the wife or girlfriend ran off with someone else, a guy willing to vacuum and clean the crapper? Especially when she tells everyone you know what a pig you are? You might never get laid again, once women hear rumor of your selfish barbarity. Women do talk about such things, in case you’ve forgotten that! You might as well admit it, she’s smarter than you, or at least more devious. She’s also got something you want, and you’d see a lot more of it if you’d get with the program, and help do the stupid chores. She’s not asking you to like doing them, just for you to do a bunch! Just do what she tells you, and then beg, if that doesn’t work. You aren’t winning any other way. Sorry.


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