Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 18, 2014

Don’t Let Your Child Aspire To Fame!

 If your beloved offspring ventures to declare a desire to be famous, or worse, a celebrity, wash their mouth out with soap on the spot! Any fool can lie, cheat and steal, be caught in a tawdry scandal, go on Springer and apologize, and be accorded instant fame. That’s what you dreamed of for your child?! Let’s hope not!

Most people might hope a child would achieve fame by accident, for having cured cancer, or saving a couple of Nuns from a burning Yugo, not for having raped the nuns, and set their Yugo on fire to begin with! It seems anymore than any miscreant or wicked pervert can cry and sob on some TV show, and then do all the talk shows, a veritable hero. Unless he killed a dog; that’s instant banishment. (Just ask Michael Vick).

Why do people worship celebrities? Almost none meet the minimum standard to be accorded status as a decent human being. Drug addicted, drunk, lying, cheating losers, making terrible movies or records in between stints in jail, and on the talk show circuit. You’d want your child to be that? Maybe children’s services needs to visit you, hmmmm?

Oh, sure, you tell yourself you only look to be able to make fun of them, but that’s a lie too, isn’t it? You buy their lousy records and pay to watch their horrid movies, enabling them to keep going, to get drunk or stoned or cheat one more time! You’re responsible for enabling their terrible behavior, know that?

You do realize that this same foolish worshiping went on in the final days of the Roman Empire, before it collapsed. People worshiped terrible gladiators and chariot drivers, like we do movie stars. You’ll note that the Empire went down the crapper? Makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Venerating fools and weasels, liars and philanderers can’t be good for a civilization.  If you were doing something worthwhile with your life, you wouldn’t be watching these fools at all! Does that suggest something to you?

You’d not want any child to go down this path, seeking fame for frivolous reasons. At least have the decency to tell them how horrid and oppressive fame is. They won’t listen, but at least your conscience will be clear. With kids, that’s about all you can hope for most days!




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