Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 19, 2014

Are You Putting Jewelry On A Pig?

 If you owned a rusted out hulk of a car, that was sitting up on blocks, going nowhere, would you waste time and money putting chrome ornaments on it? Sounds dumb, doesn’t it? But you’re basically doing the same thing with yourself. Shocked? Offended? Why? It’s likely true. You spend tons of money wanting to dress nice, wanting to get your body shaped up, teeth whitened and hair done. But what have you done for your soul lately?

Look, your body is only going to do so much, before it’s gone. You’re stuck with your soul, for good or evil. It’s immortal, unlike that body and its shabby mind! Its bad enough that your mind is much like a cluttered closet, undisciplined and unruly, filled with lies and nonsense. You hate bothering to get it shaped up and organized, although doing so would be really helpful.

But guess how useful improving your soul would be? When was the last time you even considered it? Many of you don’t even know you have one, and wouldn’t recognize yours if it bit your bare butt! You wonder why finding love and meaning is so hard? Guess what, slick, this is why! If your soul hasn’t evolved enough to know what love even is, you aren’t finding any of it!

The same goes for meaning and worth, or for having purpose in life. An undeveloped soul, one uninformed and unenhanced will be utterly unable to get you where you know you should be! All your other efforts are futile: the putting of jewelry or makeup on a pig! You aren’t going anywhere, or finding love and dreams without your soul being turned on. Prayer doesn’t work. Neither does wishing. The things of value in life don’t fall from the sky! Get off your butt and seek them! You start by considering your soul, and making an effort to improve it. The more you do, the easier life becomes. Leave the pig alone, he’ll just get mad and bite you.


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