Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 2, 2014

No One Enjoys Criticism. No One!

Humans are an amazingly hypocritical group of beings. There are few who would pass up a chance to criticize something or someone, yet the same ones will have a fit when they are subjected to such evaluation. Humans can’t wait to hold forth on everything that disappoints or offends them, and even if they lack the nerve to directly register their critique, they have no such scrupples about talking behind someone’s back, regarding their sense of disappointment.

But let them be the object of such a derogatory beat down, and you’d likely think the world was near its end! No matter have deserved, no matter how justified, the least complaint, the tiniest critique, and they complain, whine cry and moan for months! A suggestion from the boss, a mild questioning by a child’s teacher, all are met with disblief and then outrage. The fact that no one would improve themselves without a bit of judgement being applied occasionally, is irrelevant; criticism is an act of war to most people!

The amount of angst expended over justifiable critique is amazing. Even more astounding is how much more worked up the average person gets over misplaced or unjust criticism. The chest beating and loud displays of indignation are frankly astounding most times. The more public your shaming has been, the more you feel it too. There was a good reason our forefathers put miscreants in public, declaring their failures for all to note! We humans like to keep our embarrassments as private as possible!

Still, being criticized is a necessary evil. Violating your own standards is one thing. Offending against the community, be that your friends, or the whole of society, is a lot more wickedly unpleasant. No one wants others to know their shame and failure. Honestly, this is the reason most people tell so many lies; it seems easier to do so than to be honest, and face the scolding you’d get for being forthright. Humans much orefer to put off judgement day as long as possible, hoping their failure might simply disappear, apparently.

In the end, nothing goes away. You can lie all you want, but you get the grand accounting in due time, when God drags out the unedited list! You’d be much better off, and look a lot wiser to have accepted the small criticism at first, and gotten it over with, but humans seldom do what they should. We’re a lazy and shifty bunch, all in all. And we hate being criticized. We truely love to dish it out, but few are able to handily take it. I’m guessing that includes you too?


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