Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap 20, 2014

The Command To Forgive Wasn’t Just A Suggestion

You’re pretty lousy at forgiving people, aren’t you? Oh, no, I’m no bastion of moral superiority either, as far as that goes. When someone hurts us, family, friend or other, we know we should let it go, especially if by a miracle they actually apologize and beg to be forgiven. But it feels so good to wallow in misery, to beat your chest and cry about how wronged and hurt we are! Doesn’t it?

We all too often succumb to the wicked temptation to be self-righteous and to play the victim, wanting tons of sympathy piled on us. It’s apparently loads of fun to wallow in self pity. You secretly want the person who hurt you to do more, to beg and grovel, prostrating themselves to ask your forgiveness. Good luck with that, you’re doing good most times to get a half baked, mumbled, sorry, out of anyone, and you know it!

What you don’t know is this; your stingy refusal to forgive and move on is hurting your soul much worse than it’s harming the one who offended you! You’re pushing yourself farther from God, and damaging your inner being. You’re also just begging for more bad karma, for being an unforgiving turd. God didn’t say to forgive when you feel like it, or when you’re in the mood to. He didn’t make it optional, or subject to your brilliant thoughts either! He just said to do it!

But like the spoiled child we each are, we prefer to toss ourselves down and cry, having a tantrum, when told to stop playing, and do the work our soul is here for. We do so because it’s easier than the proper course, less challenging and painful. It’s fun to be small and evil, a stingy bitch rather than to do the hard work, which benefits our souls. Humans are cursed with one weakness that does us more harm than any other; laziness. We often succumb to it, and suffer endlessly because we do. If you want to grow, want to have less grief from God at that last chat, then you’d be wise to work on this. Teach yourself to forgive. It wasn’t optional, and it will be on the final exam.




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