Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 22, 2014

It’s Not Wise To Look Down On Your Primitive ancestors

 Ah, my, isn’t it easy to feel superior to your ancestors, especially the primitive ones? After all, those poor savages had to do without all the sophisticated things of society. No TV, no microwave or cell phone. How could anyone live without a bathroom or HBO? Makes you shiver, doesn’t it? No Charmin Ultra Plush, just an old leave?! God save us! Obviously, we’re so much brighter and sophisticated, right? Sit down. Now.

You’ve fallen pray to a common misconception, that somehow intelligence is related to the accumulated knowledge of a civilization. You aren’t brighter than Ogg, because Einstein developed the Theory of Relativity, or you read about it in science class. Intellegence is a measure of problem solving ability, of the ability to make sense of ones environment, and to make fast, correct choices. When something big and toothy wants to eat you, you’re quick on the thinking, or dinner!

But the difference is more deeply profound than even this. You’re sitting on your butt, playing video games and watching TV, being a spectator to life, when your primitive ancestors were busy living. Frankly, they likely did more living in a day than you’ll do all year! Dangerous, exhilarating, sometimes deadly, but incredibly moving! Then didn’t drive miles to see nature, they lived amongst it.

Your primitive ancestors saw daily the awesomeness of creation, watched the sun rise and set, were in sync with the rhythms of the seasons and the tide of life. They were moved by the magnificence of the night sky, seeing things you now never view, trapped in your over lighted city caves. They didn’t dream of Eden, they lived in it, pristen and untouched. Dependant on each other, living in small bands or villages, they were closer to each other than anything you’ve experienced.

You could live more like them, deeper and more aware, more in touch with creation, with Divine and godly things, and honestly, you should. The choice is yours, after all, like all things. The fact that most people don’t wish to engage deeply with the forces of the universe, don’t bother to be in touch with either their souls or the Divine is pretty much proof of which group is smarter. And you modern people aren’t winning that contest, are you?



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