Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap 23, 2014

Do You Really Tell All Those Lies?

I’d be cheeky and suggest that you do indeed tell a lot of lies. You likely don’t do so intending to be evil, but still, there they are. Most are told to avoid conflict; you’d much rather lie than confess your crappy failures, the mean things you’ve done, either from carelessness or inattention. Sure it’s shabby, but who likes being yelled at? My, it sure is quiet in here. No one wants their family or friends mad at them, we understand that. So the lies get told.

Besides lying to avoid getting in trouble, you lie rather than be smothered in guilt. If you can convince your group that you aren’t the guilty party, you can slide on by, and forget the whole nasty problem. Naturally, this involves a good dose of lying to yourself. Honestly, you lie to yourself a whole lot, don’t you? And not just about what you did or didn’t do!

This begs the question; why? When was the last time you punished yourself for doing something wrong? I’m guessing not very many people send them selves to their room for doing something wrong or mean, yes? And it’s pretty obvious that no ones going to bed without dinner in this country, are they? If you paddle yourself, I’d suggest you’ve got other, kinky issues. Don’t you?

Here’s what you need to consider more deeply; since you aren’t likely to punish yourself over your foolishness and poor choices, why bother to lie to yourself about them? You need to understand that failing to be honest with yourself only makes learning to live better that much harder. Being brutally honest, even if it makes you want to pee yourself, is the first step to growing up, and being a better human.

More importantly, it is necessary for you to be honest and understand yourself, if you ever hope to find your life path. You are doomed to fail this life without finding it, either. It’s the key to success in this trip through life, and necessary for you to be loved and admired. Confessing your failure to yourself is the first step. Confessing to the people who have to put up with you is next, and once you’re honest with them, they’ll be only too happy to help kick your butt, and keep you moving towards a better life!

Being honest will likely make you miserable with yourself, but that will motivate you to fix yourself! That’s a really good thing too. Oh, don’t worry about confessing to God, all your crappiness, although doing so is nice too. Just understand, He already has the complete listing of your faults, flaws, lies and failings. That’s why you’d look really wise to be working to improve yourself. Very wise. Sorry.





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