Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 24, 2014

Failure Is A Good Sign

 You can be as determined as you want, as stubborn and insistent on accomplishing something as Ulysses was to get home, but if your timing is off, or your intentions aren’t in line with God’s you will fail. Nice try! Congratulations. Now get up off your butt and try again! Don’t let a simple failure be an excuse to quit. If necessary, try something different. Just do your homework better next time.

You may not have considered this, but even geniuses fail with amazing regularity. Edison tried and failed over ten thousand times seeking a material for the filament for his light bulb. I’d bet good money most of you would give up long before that, yes? Andrew Carnegie went bankrupt six times before he struck it rich. Most people do so once, and live out their lives as a greeter at Wal Mart, never again striving to risk themselves by failing again.

It’s honestly a miracle anything gets done, discovered or invented on this earth! Or that anyone finds another to love. Lots of people are existing in a bitter, lonely funk, having been thwarted just once in love! Are you one of them? Why? Sure, it hurts to fail, especially in love. But you aren’t nearly as much of a fainting violet as you’d like to pretend. You’d expend more effort to open a bag of Cheetos than you do to find a partner to love!

Understand this; the only way to completely avoid failure is to do nothing! Life is trial and error, especially if you aren’t working your butt off to get better and wiser at it. Failure is a sign that you’re trying to do something, are at least not sitting idle on the sideline, hoping someone just walks up and hands you all you want. God isn’t Santa Claus, and he doesn’t hand out things just because you’d like something for nothing. Get busy and go fail at something. And keep failing until you learn enough to succeed at it! The secret to life is to stay at it, and not to slack off. Busy people fail frequently, before the succeed.  Lazy people don’t, but they aren’t winning either.



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