Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 25, 2014

Are You Being A Whore?

 I bet you’d be offended at the suggestion that you act like a whore, a prostitute, wouldn’t you? But the facts are irrefutable; we sell our selves, our hearts and souls, our minds and we rent out our bodies too, just to attain the necessities of life. Worse we trade parts of our time and tranquility for the foolish luxuries and frivolities of life too! Work, school, friends, family, they all line up to buy a piece of us. You’ve never considered this?

It is so insidious, so pervasive, that you likely never think of it. Your employer certainly has no compunction to use you like a whore, and a cheap one too! The shocking thing isn’t that you’re for sale, it’s how little you’re willing to take in exchange for being used! There’s only so much of you, why not get more for it? Why do you think you’re worth so little? Maybe we need a Blue Book for Souls so you could see what you’re really worth? Rusty? Dents and dings? What’s the mileage on that poor thing?  Excellent, good, fair or poor? At least if the Devil wanted to buy your soul, you’d know what to ask, instead of guessing!

Seriously, it’s worth thinking about. Too many people trade themselves away for a handful of beans. Your life, time, soul, peace of mind, they’re all finite. You let them slip away with little notice or care. And then you cry about what a crappy life you’ve got! You may not be having sex with some drunk in a sleazy hotel, but you’re getting even less for your efforts than a mid priced hooker takes home!

Be honest, can you swear you aren’t acting like a whore, even a tiny bit? You aren’t giving in to people, your boss, your spouse, even when you don’t want to? Just to make things go easier? Or to avoid arguing? You’re afraid you won’t be supported, loved, cared for? If you do, then you’re a whore. How many of the professional hookers have you looked down on? Sucks to see how much alike you are, doesn’t it?

Look, we’re all whores at times, willing to do questionable and nasty things we don’t like to get by. We’re all doomed to sell ourselves at times, and if times get bad enough, and your needs become desperate enough, you’ll drop your pants and be a real whore, to survive or keep your children from going hungry. Just stop being such a moralist to the real hookers…you aren’t that different in God’s eyes. And when you must act the whore, at least don’t be such a cheap one. You’ve done enough of that already, haven’t you?



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