Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 26 & 27, 2014

You Are Needed. Why Does That Make You So Nervous?

I need you! What a marvelous plea that can be, at once touching your heart and telling you that at least one other soul wishes to have your care. They may need you from weakness, from desire or simply because they trust and like you. We all yearn to be needed, to be found worthy and of some use, Yet this is a worrisome declaration too.

How will you respond? Are you willing to give of your self, your time and energy, your heart and soul? If you aren’t eager or enthused, it becomes a burden. Saying no is likely to hurt the other person, and they may think you are suddenly a total cad, a turd with no heart or decency. You don’t want that, do you? But you don’t want to feel obligated or trapped either!

Perhaps you lack faith in your own ability to give what the other person needs. Or maybe you just don’t want to. Hearing these simple three words can turn you upside down pretty easily, especially if you’re sensitive and caring. You don’t want to be mean or nasty, don’t want to say something insensitive that sounds cruel. Yet there’s no way to say no that won’t hurt the one who just risked so much to tell you this, and you know it!

I suspect that many of you do a lot of hiding, trying to avoid having anyone put you in such a spot. It can be pretty awkward. We only want to be needed by certain people apparently, people who suit us. Anything else is just a burden. I’d suggest you practice saying no in a more loving manner, or even saying yes a bit more often.  Loving and caring for others is the main reason you’re alive in this life. Failing to do so has consequences for your next life. You’ll find that a worse problem. Try saying yes a bit more often. You’ll certainly change this life, and for the better. You really will.


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