Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 28, 2014

We Complain A Lot More Than We Probably Should

I had occasion to again receive a sterling example of terrible customer service ala my new cable/phone/internet provider. A crippled lemur would have done a better job of installing our stuff, and when he slithered off, two thirds of the system wasn’t working. I had a competitor put their system in the next day, and no such problems. To make matters worse, the wife had to argue with a dozen trolls to get the non-working system canceled.

You’ve had that happen at some point haven’t you? It seems to be a part of life these days. No one does as promised, no one does anything halfway correct, or even cares. They know their company is  running a slave galley, so why should they get emotionally riled up for your benefit? What got me wondering is this: are we all that hot ourselves? It’s easy to denounce others for being stupid, unresponsive or useless, but how big is that moral mountain we’re standing on? Or does it resemble a small speed bump?

Frankly, I’d bet money that most people are as lacking in competence and virtue as the people they curse on a daily basis. I complain and have a fit over other people losing things and info, but some days I can’t find my own butt with a map, flashlight and two hands! Sorry. I’d suggest we try a better approach. Perhaps we should make a bit more effort to be helpful  to the people we harp about? Or at least bitch a lot less!

Oh, sure, it’s fun to rant about other people’s incompetence, but if your failings were given a decent look see, you’d be pretty sad to. We’re not all that fabulous as a species, or as individuals as far as being efficient or on the ball. We’re good at lying to ourselves about our doings and abilities, not so willing to accept any well earned blame for being the divot we are, frankly. That has negative implications for your soul, if you’re inclined to care, and it just piles on the negative karma. God is no fan of such self-righteous foolishness either. Help more, complain less? Much better idea.


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