Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 29, 2014

You’re Likely Hating The Wrong People

You’d probably deny it, but you likely hate someone. Whether it’s the person who cheated with your spouse, or the sleazeball who robbed and beat your aged mother, you don’t just dislike them; you despise and curse the ground they walk on. No horrid death would be too evil to have them experience. Do you hate the people who prey on the eldarly, who kill, rape and molest women and young children? Why not? Surely these deserve to be so regarded.

Or do you hate people from foreign countries, or another race, whom you don’t even know? Why? There are plenty of evil humans who deserve the most intense hate; why are you wasting your ire on the others who likely deserve none of your spite? Stop hating the innocent, and hate the people who have earned such a fate by their own wicked choices.

Understand this: God despises evil. Hates it. Will make the person who willingly wallows in it suffer the sternest atonement because of it. Your task is quite simple; don’t pity it, support it, tolerate it, sleep with it, give it money or comfort. God has the power to forgive and deal with the evil doer; that’s His place. Your’s is to stop appologizing for it. Hate it. Just stop hating the people who aren’t evil, but are just different from you. You aren’t God, after all.

Lots of misguided religious types think it’s their place to “forgive” the evil doer. Wrong. You have a much simpler task. Avoid doing evil. Avoid helping anyone else do evil. And despise the evil done by anyone else. Don’t listen to the fast talking attorneys who want you to feel sorry for the evil doer either. The attorneys all work for the devil. The victim of evil deserves your concern and care, not the one willingly choosing to do evil. And no one does evil other than by their own free will. Make sure you aren’t one of them.


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