Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 3, 2014

You Are Quite Noteworthy

Every atom in existance, every particle and bit of force exists in perfection. The level of organization in the universe is so far beyond your mind’s ability to imagine, that you’d sit entranced, paralyzed should you properly consider it. Nothing is truely random within such a system of order. The amount of organization, the will necessary to make such a thing manifest is infinitely amazing.

If no single particle exists by accident, what makes you believe you have less than no significance? How can anyone think they are of no importance, that their life has no meaning? If the force of the Divine can produce such creation as surrounds us, why would you be irrelevant? The truth is that no one is; no life, no soul is unimportant. God does care how you turn out, is interested in what you do with any one lifetime.

Most people would prefer to avoid that entire consideration. If God cares, your choices matter. There may not always be some weighty bit of right or wrong hanging on what you do, but any choice you make will always have a best choice, and a not so best choice. Casts a new light on your doings, doesn’t it? You aren’t here just to play and have fun, although a bit of that is good too. What you are here for is to learn. To develop your soul, and to become more godly, even if it’s just a tiny dribble.

It doesn’t matter to God whether you’re a rich tycoon on Wall Street, or a yak herder in Tajikistan, you are significant to the Divine, and you have things you need to be doing! You’ve heard the old saw, no man is an island? Well even more true is this; no one exists without a life plan. You’ve got things to do, likely a whole list of them. Why are you piddling, and wasting your time playing? No one gets sent here just to have fun. That shouldn’t surprise you, seeing how things are for most people. So why are you still sitting?


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