Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 4, 2014

Children Are A Bigger Responsibility Than You Think

A large majority of humanity ends up raising kids. Most see them as somehow an extension of themselves, carrying on their family heritage, their line or maybe just the family name. Each child is half yours and half your partners, their body being the sum total of your individual genetics. But don’t get to overwhelmed by your contribution, good or bad. They may thank you for their attractiveness, if they end up beautiful, or curse you over their hairy butt crack or bad teeth, but they can’t blame you for the soundness or pathetic condition of their soul; that comes directly from the Divine!

Each person gets a newly reborn soul, or a brand new, freshly minted one. You recognize the newest ones, and likely refer to them as, the young soul, simply because they tend to act mostly recklessly and make wickedly dumb choices. Resist the urge to look down on them, especially if they’re your current burden and offspring, simply because you were just as stupid and unwise not all that long ago. Some of you are parents because you are still not all that wise or bright!

There is not one single human who ever has a child by accident. Either you deliberately decide to have one, or you’re careless, inattentive and foolish, and end up with one. Being fertile and unwilling not to have sex, paying no attention, getting drunk, being too lazy to get on birth control, all contribute to that wonderful surprise. If your beliefs trap you into staying pregnant, well, that’s on you too. God makes no distinction regarding how you end up having a child; in His purview, you’re all volunteers!

Naturally, you don’t get to vote on what sort of soul your child will end up with. God makes that determination, based on both what that soul needs, and what He thinks you should have to put up with. I can promise you that you’ll likely get at least one soul that will be as wicked to you as you were to your parents. Its called karma, and it isn’t a lot of fun! The more you cry and complain, the worse it will be. You might as well suck it up,if you end up in such a jam. You’ll note that many people don’t do very well at parenting. Harming a soul that’s been entrusted to you is a big responsibility, and if you crap up, there will be ugly consequences. Perhaps you’d like to think more deeply about this whole process? You’re taking a lot bigger chance than you think!


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