Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 7, 2014

Your Vision Of Heaven Is Lacking

If you’ve been raised in a church, you were likely taught a version of what Heaven might be like. Most of you were advised to expect mansions and “streets paved with gold”  or some such. A more careful consideration of God, and what He’s created in our stellar universe might give you pause. After all, humans are greedy turds, who covet gold, diamonds, and other things that we’ve foolishly ascribed value to. Why would God care for gold; He can turn the entire universe into it!

Perhaps you should go sit someplace in nature, and contemplate more on what God seems to favor. Look around at the pristine vistas magnificently displayed. I suspect that viewing that would be a fair reflection of what the Divine Realm would be like! God is, by definition, the master sculpter of nature and living things. You think He’d give a plugged nickle for gaudy foolishness, when he could hold forth amid a forest of towering redwoods? Come on! Do you really think the architect of all creation wouldn’t prefer such artistry over anything a bunch of annoying primates might covet?

Forget the clouds and pure white environement. Think green and lush, like the Garden of Eden was reputed to be, before we whizzed on it and crapped it up. Do you remember being a small child, and running barefoot through the grass on a summers evening, just as the twilight gave way to night, and the stars came out? Running, laughing, shrieking excitedly, trying to catch the fireflies which were winking so tantalizingly? How could any memory be more delicious?

You’d catch some of them, in a jar, and put some holes in the lid, to take inside. You wanted a night light powered by fireflies! Some always escaped, which caused your mother to yell at you. You’d pretend to be sorry, but giggle when she was out of hearing; they were only fireflies after all. You’re destined to again act like a small, naughty child when you return to God, when this life ends. You’ll feel well spanked, when all your folly is evaluated and set forth, unavoidable. You suffer this each time you pass through the Divine Realm on your way to the next life. It is simply the way of it.

But in between the embarrassment and the tears, the evaluation and instruction, there is a time for a bit of play. If Heaven is in any way to be Divine, to be special beyond all other things, there must a place within it, where the grass is always soft and cool, rich and green. And it is, therein, where you can chase God’s fireflies, and laugh Divinely, being once again the child of God you all too often forget you are, with none of the embarrassment of this foolish world, nor any hint that you’re too old for such joy. This is Heaven. Forget that other foolish one; gold is unworthy of the Creator.


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