Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 8, 2014

Only A Child Can Show You The Fullness Of The Divine

Have you ever had a small child run up to you, proffering a full, golden dandelion as if they were handing up a gift from God? Did you sniff it? Touch it gently under their chin, to mark them with the pollen, and make them giggle? Hear me well; when you understand that they were offering you a gift from God, were showing you the way to the Divine, you’ll be truely ready for the work of your life and the full instruction of God.

Young children, whether a newly formed soul or freshly reborn, all walk the line between this world and the Divine. Their soul has not lost its connection to God, has not forgotten the things that matter; love, compassion, caring and kindness. They have not been beat down, subsumed by the wickedness of life in this place of darkness. Animated by an intense joy, an excitement for life, they are utterly innocent of what trials lie before them.

The small child is a near perfect mirror, reflecting back what ever emotions are given to them. Love, hope, joy, fear and worry, are all taken in and given back in equal measure. One that is treated well, given love and kindness, will return it marvelously, with no hesitation or sense of embarrassment. The gateway to heaven stands open to the child, who has not lost their innocence and openness.

It is said that Jesus informed people to “be like a child” should they wish to attain the Divine. He wasn’t refering to the ignorance of a child, the lack of experience of a child, but the complete willingness of a child to trust and be open. Faith comes from your ability to stand against the darkness, against your fears and worry. The young child has no idea what such things even are. Adults find it nearly impossible to believe that goodness and trust even exist! God wishes for you to do well, to have a life of worth and meaning. Until you can believe that, the way a small child would trust and believe, you’re stuck going no where. Perhaps you should reconsider that?




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