Duct Tape for the Soul for Ap. 9, 2014

Don’t Admire The Young Starlets

Lots of people, especially women, seem fascinated by the Hollywood crowd, especially the sexy young stars. We have a multi-billion dollar gossip industry supported on their backs. Many of you sigh and feel neglected, sad that no one follows you around, taking your picture or stands in line for a glimpse. You think that would be so glamorous, don’t you?

Perhaps you’d be wise to reconsider that? How would you like to see fifty photographers snapping pictures of your crotch, as you enter or exit a car? I bet your parents would be quite proud to see that, wouldn’t they? Or maybe you’d like to have every last detail of your trip to the potty written about, in graphic detail? Pictures of you half naked, drunk and compromised? Not something you’d want in the family album?

Personally, I pity these young people, especially the females. Many of them seem so insecure and overwhelmed, eager for the fame, and with it the illusion of approval and acceptance that it gives them. But like an addiction, they have to keep finding new ways to be outrageous or slutty, to keep people interested. Few have all that much real talent; they are more a sex doll, a prop used to attract an audience.

Worse, only a tiny handful do have the talent and staying power to last long term. Things sag, even with cosmetic surgery, and youth fades, escaping and leaving them as attractive as old leftovers. You see it in their eyes at moments, the understanding of what they have. They are Cindrella, at the ball, and the clock is ticking. Any moment, their limo will become a pumpkin, and their butt will gain thirty pounds and sag. The party will be over, along with their status as a star. That’s not the sort of fate anyone should dream of having.

Oh, what about Prince Charming? He’s gone, chasing a younger tart of a starlet, hotter, cuter. Sad isn’t it? Maybe you should be more happy being who you are?


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