Duct Tape for the Soul for August 1, 2014

The End Will Claim You

There are many ways to end your life. Sooner or later it will end, as no one is immortal. Your soul is, but not that cranky biological machine called a body. Many perish early, of accident, war, disease or suicide. The “lucky” ones go one, becoming old. More and more do so now, in this modern age, but whether that’s good, is frankly debatable.

Your end may be assured, but the manner is uncertain. Why would anyone wish to cling to life, in pain and misery, suffering, when a new and fresh one awaits? Few of you will die peacefully in your sleep. Many will die terrified, afraid of what awaits them,  if anything does. Few have the resolute faith to face death eagerly, even those who clim to believe in a religion that teaches the immortality of the soul.

Apparently many of you have an innate understanding that you’ve not done very well, and any judgment or evaluation likely won’t be all that pleasant. That may well be true, but it’s unavoidable. You might as well resign yourself to that fact! If you accept that you’re basically a three year old, who’s been writing on the walls with a crayon, after pooping on the floor and pl;aying in it, you’d actually have less reason to dread you passing. God may want to beat your butt, but He won’t. He’ll find a better way to instruct your sorry soul!

Look, nobody rejoices at the idea of passing. I just don’t want to go down with something taking my memory. To die, having lost the complete record of this life, is not something to look forward too. I’m willing to take the crap I’ve earned from God, for all the failure and stupidity I managed to inflict on my soul this time. Just get it over with, and let me start over, even as a yak hearder in a third world country. No matter how bad that next one sucks, it won’t last forever either.


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