Duct Tape for the Soul for August 11, 2014

Your Fellow Souls Are More Than Just A Night Light!

Most people are desperate to cling to someone else. Ever wonder why that is? The answer relates to why you’re alive and on this ball of rock. You are, quite simply, carrying a small seed of the Divine around with you. You’d mutch rather be in the Divine realm, close to God, but you wouldn’t lean squat if you were. Thus, you get sent her, into a lonely exile.

You sense within others, their tiny Divine fragment, and are drawn to it. Two people together have more God to work with than each alone. Being close benefits both of you, and makes the darkness here less terrible. Still the light is pretty dim. You can grow stronger in love and faith, however, and reach up, to turn on God’s real light. You’d better have some Divine shades handy, because that light is seriously bright!

Until you reach that point, you’d be wise to get together and be close to as many others as you can. Your heart and soul need the company. Besides, the more you give to others, the better off you’ll be. Anything that helps your soul grow is a good thing. That is why you’re here.


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