Duct Tape for the Soul for August 13, 2014

You Ladies Are Giving Away Something Valuable

You ladies might be shocked to hear me accuse you of being foolish, yes? You think you’re quite reasonable and smart, but are you? That furry thing you’re sitting on is much desired by men, and you’ve been giving it away for nothing! Don’t think it has value? Care to guess how many kingdoms have been lost for the pursuit or having of it? Businesses and fortunes squandered? Positions and careers lost? Men want what you’ve got, and will pay dear to have it.

If you insiste on acting like a whore, you could at least get something of value in return for the having of it! Instead, you let any varlet or vagabond have it, getting a few words and some empty lies for your trouble. At least Jack got some magic beans for the cow! Of course, I’m not against sex; I’m quite fond of it, and having someone to share it with is quite nice. But so is love and romance. Being used isn’t the same, and that seems to be what many of you are getting!

It’s embarrassing to be a whore, worse to be a cheap one. If you aren’t even getting politeness and respect, you’re really getting screwed! Stop devaluing your self, your heart and soul. You don’t have to charge for sex, but you should at least demand that you be treated nice! If you aren’t, move on. Someone will want the cute beaver bad enough to treat you like a princess, to get it. Wouldn’t that be better than feeling like a whore…especially a cheap or free one?


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