Duct Tape for the Soul for August 14, 2014

Better Small Guilt Than A Mountain  Of It

A lot of people have become immune to guilt. They somehow either don’t feel it at all, when they do or say something wicked, or they manage to not register it. Failing to feel the small twinges of guilt means you’re missing the small, less terrible promptings that would tend to keep you on track and away from evil. This is not a good thing.

If you never register the tiny promptings, when you do or say something evil, improper, or stupid, you’re guaranteeing that you’ll eventually be buried in it, winding up naked on the eleven o’clock news, being shamed publically. Is that what you want? Would you want to fly on an airplane that had a crash avoidence system so useless that it only sounded an alarm on hitting the ground? That’s what this amounts to!

Look, guilt feels nasty. It normally comes attached to a substantial level of embarrassment. No one likes peeing themselves in public either, but at least guilt serves a useful purpose. When you blurt out something improper or hurful, and everyone stares, that horrid felling that accompanies the embarrassment is guilt. Guilt is good, because it helps teach you not to be such and ignorant or insensitive loser! When past guilt makes you hesitate to do crappy things, everybody wins, but especially your soul. Helping it is worth feeling guilty now and then, no matter how miserable it makes you!


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