Duct Tape for the Soul for August 15, 2014

Don’t Hesitate To Be Needed

I need you! What a wonderous plea that is, at once touching your heart, declaring that your care, your assistance, your love all have a place of belonging. There is no greater affirmation than being needed, and the more desperately you are sought, the nicer it can be. But being needed can bring other things, other feelings to the fore. What if you feel unworthy, unable to give what that other one needs?

Being needed can feel like a burden sometimes. You’d likely want to be lazy, and thus you hang back, hoping someone else leaps up to assist. Your own insecurity and needs get in the way, and you fail to act. If you fail to be of assistance, you’ll end up feeling like a failure, and needing someone to save you too!

Remember this; your sould needs to be needed, needs to know it is valued and worthy. Running away, refusing to help others, kills your soul. A person who does this frequently will lose all self respect, and retreat into a spiteful bitterness. Is this you? There isn’t a lot to recomend such a fate! If you rise up, and at least try to help others, you may be disappointed in your effort, but you won’t have to suffer the shame of never having tried. That’s always a step up.


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