Duct Tape for the Soul for August 16, 2014

You Could Try Smiling?

I went out to the grocery store a while ago, and made an interesting discovery. Looking around, it dawned on me that everyone in the store, who wasn’t working, looked like they had a fork stuck in their hemorhoids. I didn’t see one single person who didn’t look mad or annoyed. Even when I’d catch their eye and smile, all I got was more of the same.

Have we come to this? Is life now so terrible for everyone that mass suicide would be a step up? You certainly might frown on seeing the prices today, but come one! That doesn’t call for full time, I hate everyone angst! People complain constantly that they don’t meet nice people, but what might you expect, if you wander around looking like you’re on the way to commit a mass murder?

I do know that we have way too much crap going on in life, and a lot of it isn’t fun. But who’s to blame for making that so? It’s a stretch to blame others for your bad life choices, your lack of education, horrid divorce, over extended social obligations. Perhaps you would be wise to prune some things? You aren’t getting any younger. Life is to be lived, and it makes no sense to live it miserable. If you’ve just let frowning become a bad habit, then fix that! People assume you’re a miserable turd if you walk around looking like one. Are you? That’s a different issue!


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