Duct Tape for the Soul for August 18, 2014

You Aren’t Half As Stubborn As God.

Ever watch a child have a fit, and sit, refusing to budge when they’re told to pick up their toys? You think that’s pretty cute, and it is, as long as it isn’t your child! If it’s your beloved offspring ignoring you you’re getting a bit of what you constantly give God, having you’re whiney fit and refusing to do what you should.

Generally, a parent gets tired of the fit, and junior gets a swat or two on the rear, to display the parent’s lack of patience. What pray tell, do you think God does with your pathetic butt, when you try to out stubborn him? You’ve likely got some first hand experience at that, but you’d probably rather not admit it!

Now besides outright refusal to do what you should, God gets pretty tired of you being a dunce, and trying to cut corners and avoid learning the proper lessons of life.  You refuse to admit that, spending lots of time praying, pleading and fit throwing. How’s that worked so far? Not pretty, is it?  Look, the term, Patience of God exists for a reason. You’d be wise to remember that, and avoid wasting time having a snit fit over things. You may be stubborn, but He’s got Patience that you can’t begin to imagine!


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