Duct Tape for the Soul for August 19, 2014

Maybe You Should Actually Talk Before You Maryy?

Maybe one of you can explain to me how two adults can date a year, two, three, five or more, sleeping together much of that, and then be surprised after finally marrying, when they find out the other party doesn’t want kids? Or to live in the country. Or to raise kids in anything but their personal religion? Holy crap, what did they talk about all that time?

Oh, sure, I’m no dunce. They talked about their jobs, sports teams, the latest celebrity train wreck. They talked or argued about climate change, exercise, food and whose friends are the bigest pains. But kids, where to live, religion…the deep things that can overwhelm and wreck a marriage? Not a peep. People assume everyone agrees with them!

Its easy to assume that the person who gets naked and does the same kinky things they like would be agreeable on kiddie issues. And religion? Who worries about that? Everybody does their own thing…until the share offspring. Oops! Now we have issues. Lots of dating consistes of sitting together, watching something; movies, TV, games, sports. You don’t hold deep, philosophical debates at such times. If you want to avoid the divorce court, you’d be smart to do just that.


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