Duct Tape for the Soul for August 2 & 3, 2014

We Hide Our Real Selves More Than We Should

Do you watch people in public? Ever notice how much effort people make to be a blank canvas, displaying little if any emotion? You can’t guess by looking if they’re happy, sad, just won the lottery, or are out to by rope, so they can hang themselves, can you? Occasionally they slip, and the real inner stuff gets out. Pain, loneliness, bitterness and dispair are what you usually get a peek at.

Usually, they get the mask back up quickly, and go on. Why? Why do we hide ourselves? No one can offer a kind word, a hug, when they don’t know you need it! Are you afraid that someone will try to take advantage of your vulnerability and weakness? After all, we don’t trust the public, do we? Aren’t most people evil and wicked, rapists, theives and cads?

The short answer is no, they aren’t! Most people are kind and generous, warm hearted and willing to help even a complete stranger! Your insecurities and fears keep you estranged. But even if you were justified in being afraid of the public, you do this to your family and friends too! How crazy is that?! And you wonder why you lack love and affection in life!

Look, it’s important to be open and honest about your needs. People who struggle to share their inner suffering and wants tend to have a lot more inner suffering and a lot bigger wants because they do! The person willing to declare their needs at least has a chance of getting them met. If you do share, and only get ridicule, you need to find new and better friends and family! People who can’t give a needy person love are simply losers, and there’s no point in pretending otherwise!


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