Duct Tape for the Soul for August 20, 2014

You Want Happiness?

You’d like to be happy, yes? Do you know what it is? What might make you feel happy? Do you imagine being rich, being free of want might make it so? Or maybe you’d like to have your time free, to do as you please? What about love? Would having the hottest, most passionate relationship with someone give you that thrilling ecstasy? Or maybe you’d just like to have work that is satisfying and rewarding?

I hate to tell you this, but most of what you think youd please you would likely make you miserable! It’s not as simple as you’d imagine. Being loved would come the closest, do you know why? Because happiness is created by having things; it comes from having meaningful relationships! It also comes from awareness.

Your soul is pleased by simple pleasures; watching the clouds float by, rainbows, sunrise and sunsets. The thrill and comfort of nature. Quiet walks, a good book, friends to sit with and chat. You can easily increase these, until your life is bursting with them. Things get stolen or break, taking you farther away for happiness. You can have a lot more than you do now. Will you? That’s your choice, isn’t it?


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