Duct Tape for the Soul for August 21, 2014

Can We Go Back To Using Stone Tools?

As someone who spends ten to twelve hours a day on a computer, I feel I’m entitled to my opinion reguarding technology. Frankly, I think it sucks! If I had a dollar for every time somethings gone wrong, and caused me more work, instead of less, you’d have to come to some tropical isle to read my blog, which would be carved on a coconut husk!

I don’t have an external hard drive and an on line backup service because this crap is dependable, that’s for sure! I’ve watched carefully, and I’m convinced that people make lots more mistakes, relying on computers than they did when you just wrote stuff down on a piece of paper. Frankly, I suspect that all tech stuff is beloved by the devil, but that may be a stretch.

I have enough problems spelling on my own, without the computer lousing things up. Don’t need technology to lose things either. If you misplace a paper in your house or office, you have a chance of eventually finding it. When your operating system loses it, it will likely stay lost for eternity! Cell phones are also a cursed tool. You can’t even take a leak in peace if you’ve got on one you, for some idiot calling to ask you annoying, useless questions.

Name me on thing, one piece of technology that really does what it’s supposed to, and doesn’t louse up? As TVs and movies have gotten easier to see, they’ve gotten less worthy of even looking at. You can’t win! I used to think a person living in a cabin in the woods, totally old timing it was crazy. Not any more. Tell me what you think…assuming the computer lets me even post this, without eating it!


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