Duct Tape for the Soul for August 22, 2014

You’re going To Lose The Battle Over Sex With Your teen

How do parents expect to get your teens to listen to you about sex? You’ve catered to them for their whole life, harassed teaches and coaches so they’d get what they wanted. You never wanted to see their whiny butts disappointed. Now, they want to screw like bunnies, and now you think to tell them not to do something that exciting and fun?! Are you delusional, or just dumb?

Look, in case you’ve forgotten how bad you lusted for someone when you were their age, go back and reconsider that! You expect self absorbed and selfish teens to pass up the best thing on earth, just because you tell them too? Oh, sure, you warned them about nasty diseases, problems and pregnancy. No teen gives a crap about that “theoretical” stuff. You’re just an out of touch old fart! Their friends are telling them that it’s better than drugs, and their friends are smart and with it. You…not so much. Sorry.

Besides, if they get the grunge, get pregnant, you’ll deal with it like all the other times they’ve been stupid and you saved their ass. If you don’t, well, enjoy raising YOUR grandchild, they’ll be too busy having fun to help out. Maybe that “just say no” crap isn’t adequate? Better think a bit more, before you bet the farm on it!

I raised eleven teens, and we didn’t engage in wishful thinking. We gave them the most graphic sex education you can imagine. Most adults would die of embarrassment at what we shared. The wife was one of those improperly prepared young women, who got pregnant young and had no idea how. She was brutal to the girls…but one hundred percent honest. We made the consequences of being stupid plain, and also made sure no one had to be shy about asking for birth control. Results? six girls, and none pregnant before twenty one. Don’t rely on optamism or wishful thinking, unless you’re eager to be raising a grand child…or two real soon.


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