Duct Tape for the Soul for August 23 & 24, 2014

Do Less Criticizing Unless It’s Of Yourself

We do a lot of criticizing, don’t we? We never seem to approve of what others are wearing, eating, doing, where they’re going, what they think and believe. Apparently each of us exists in an ocean of morons, with no class and perpetually bad taste! We vaguely gather that they might think so poorly of us, but we dismiss that as more evidence of their incompetence and lack of class!

We are, by and large, a bitchy, condescending bunch of creatures. Not only do we criticise everyone and everything, we rather enjoy doing so! Even when we end up embarrassing ourselves, by having the object of our critique confront us, and perhaps kick our butts, or at least deliever an equally devestating beat down on our shortcomings, we don’t seem to learn! It takes a lot to break this wickedly evil habit, but you might wish to work on that.

The reason for being concerned is elegant and simple. The critisism you heap on others will come back to bite your butt, when God weighs in on your soul. Being bitchy and mean-spirited isn’t a major sin, but it has consequences for your soul in the Divine realm. It certainly adds to your pile of bad karma, and none of us need more of that burden to deal with! That’s why you’d be wise to confine your critiques to your self. Likely you can use it, and castigating yourself over your own poor taste, lack of decency or stupidity will pay good dividends now and later! Trust me, it really will!


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