Duct Tape for the Soul for August 25, 2014

Ask The Right Questions

If you could sit down and ask God why something is the way it is, do you think He’d blow you off and say Because! Well He might do that to some of you, especially you ones who’ve demonstrated that you’ve got zero patience! Likely you people who can’t sit through a thirty second commercial without flipping channels would get that treatment. God’s answers are usually peretty in-depth and lengthy.

Now if you expected to get any answer, you’d first have to ask an intellegent question! Asking God who he likes on American Idol is just begging for a butt kicking, and you should instinctively know that. Look, there isn’t anything off limits in God universe. No Classified stuff or state secrets. You want to know why everything exisits, and is the way it is, you’ll get told. Your butt won’t be very happy with you, if you sit through the whole explanation, I can assure you, but you’ll get it all!

Honestly, just as a toddler wouldn’t grasp how a computer works, you aren’t ready for a lot of God’s wisdom either. You’d be wise, if you got the opportuinity, to ask what you might do to be a less crappy human, or how to go about loving better and more people. All the big gianormous questions about creation would be well to leave for later. Much later. Most people have their work cut out just to make it through the day being more aware than tree moss. Actually, I’ve met a couple for whom tree moss would be a very big step up! You likely have to, unless you’re one of them? Just asking.


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