Duct Tape for the Soul for August 26, 2014

The Unsocial Media

Lots of people use Facebook and other “social” media it seems. Unless the companies are lying to us, a pretty big swath of humanity is connected. Still, I’m constantly hearing people complain about these services. “False, dishonest, shallow, useless” you can easily hear people complaining. I’m not sure which segment is more pathetic though, the people who refuse to use them, and critize them, or the people who criticise them while using away!

It’s not hard to understand that words on a screen aren’t the same as sitting close to someone, and being able to chat. Unless you’re both using a camera, with live video and voice, you’re missing 90% of the good stuff. It’s easy to lie and gossip when you’re hidden, and the other parties can’t hear your voice, or see your shifty eyes. It’s pretty much a given that a big hunk of what’s on social media is nothing more than horse pucky!

Honestly, you’d be crazy to meet people this way, and think you knew anything about them, but what about existing friends? It certainly can show you what sort of stupid things they’re up to, and if you’re jealous about something, seeing them post a plea for help with bail is pretty nice! We like seeing people be stupid, which explains U Tube completely!

Look, it is what it is. You can use it wisely, to stay in touch with those you already know. It’s always fun to see less close friends trash themselves, and you can laugh your butt off in private, without looking like a turd. Just remember that anything you put out there will still be coming back around a hundred years from now. Naked shots of yourself drunk may be fun to post, but trust me, you’ll wish you hadn’t when a boss or grandchild finds them!


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