Duct Tape for the Soul for August 28, 2014

Free Will

You hopefully understand that you aren’t a robot, are not driven by some mysterious inner programing or instinct? You are utterly free to chart your own course in life, make decisions and choices. Naturally, you don’t have this just for the hell of it, or for some incomprehensiblly unfathomable reason. You have it so that you can make choices, big or small, trivial or potentialy life changing. Or ending.

You are constantly bombarded by the necessity of choosing between possibilities; good or evil, fun or dire. That bad choices may have wicked outcomes isn’t hard to grasp, yet many seem to not pick up on this, for a long time or not at all! The truth is simple; consequences of choices are supposed to teach you to make better choices! Duh! It isn’t rocket science, people.

On the contrary, life is structured to make learning simple. Not painless, just simple. Sticking your hand on a hot stove is very informative. If you need more than one such experince, you simply aren’t very bright! The sinister problem is this; sometimes consequences get to you faster than others. Grabbing a strangers butt might get your butt beat on the spot. Or maybe you’ll get the long slow ordeal of being charged with a sex crime? You’ll learn something either way, but the one gives faster feedback!

A worse problem is this: often the consequences of your crappy choices don’t come to haunt you until your next life. Karma is ongoing and utterly relentless. Some of your current misery now may be due to your wickedness a life or two ago! How do you get over that? By working your butt off here and now, to do more than the bare minimum. Try loving people. Nothing is a better use of freewill than that, and nothing helps offset past evil better. Are you doing that, or did you make the lousy choice to shun such a thing? Better re-evaluate that while you can!


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